Oscar Wilde and I . . .

. . . would have gotten along beautifully. In real life. For life . . .

When I first saw him several years ago in the Dublin Writers Museum – a few feet away from Hotel St George,  the hotel at which I was staying, I had a sense of expansive familiarity from deep within. I knew a few details on his life and work prior to my visit to Ireland,  but I had apparently overlooked among many of his portrait images the one that caught my attention in that museum. Not the world-famed writer but my first love was sitting right before me (well, um, . . . a little above my high-heeled height, hanging inside a spectacular frame on the large wall, all by himself). The resemblance had taken me by surprise. So much so that now that I think back I must have merely circled around my own axis, missing out on many of the other writers. Making a decent effort not to allow my eyes gaze away, or better yet, gawk at him. And only at him.

Today, we are still together. Oscar Wilde and I, that is. While an actual acquaintance with one another has (. . . as you may have suspected) never materialized, our connectedness is and will be everlasting. Because in his view of life I found what I desire mine to be. In fact, I have been yearning to attain such a state of being for too long. But now, I have a strong sign of encouragement from him, in the form of clipped reading materials I have re-discovered from under the bad news-budget planner-notebook of mine. And so, I am tempted to repeat this unique talent’s words:

“I don’t want to earn my living; I want to live.”

The question remains: Did he really afford to live? Then I dare even a shakier question: Can I ever afford the same? My financial spreadsheets are not undergoing a shake off-your negative load-diet anytime soon, after all . . .

Maybe, I just have to have an alive being-to-a ghost-conference call with him next time I am in Dublin . . .


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Are We Being or Rather Becoming?

The following statement by OSHO didn’t have a chance of escaping my attention, nor was it able to prevent its being ripped out of an old desk calendar in which I found it:

“Be – don’t try to become.”

He is no longer among us. If he had been with the living still, he would have heard a persistent knock on the door of his residence. With me waiting to tap on it again. And again. For the claim is that he had attained spiritual awakening, as he details the process with his own words in “My Awakening” . . . Oh, how desperately I would attempt to learn from him how one can achieve that kind of stillness inside, to that ultimate extent . . . to abandon all effort “to become” and just to be. I would devour any word he may have been willing to say only for my sake. To teach me fast. Because I am pitifully tired of becoming. Aren’t you?


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Would you please…

…allow me to hear from you again in the same or similar way some of you have kindly done with specific reference to my multiple-week Sunday Reflections-series, “a note to self: if not wise, seek advice”? To find out that the series of mention was a “real good” idea for a blog post encouraged me to come to you today with this question. What would you like to read the most when my weekly writing endeavors are concerned?

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“My” 2015 at wordpress.com in review

I want to thank you dear readers, visitors, followers for having stopped by my blog site with your clicks on “Like” or comments throughout the past years. Your presence is, of course, what made also the last year a remarkable time period for me when my writing passion is concerned. As an expression of my gratitude for your presence, I am sharing with you today the Annual Report by wordpress.com on my blogging in 2015. May 2016 greet you all with news and experiences of great health and spirit-lifting inspirations toward every aspect of life at large!


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…a note to self: if not wise, seek advice…(Week Seventeen)


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…with full respect to the world-renowned author from whom I am quoting today: what is one to conclude when the “stillness” ‘within’ transforms into “a sanctuary to which” memories, adamant in their dedication to hurt yet refusing to be un-lived, “retreat at any time”…

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time.” ~ Hermann Hesse

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…a note to self: if not wise, seek advice…(Week Sixteen)

A devoted supporter of peace and healing for humanity at large, Inner Child Press, Ltd has accepted submissions of poetry on the subject toward its third World Healing World Peace anthology. The new volume will be published in April 2016 for the National Poetry Month. The 2012 and 2014 volumes are available at the publisher’s website (given above) and at Amazon.com. A large number of writers made a commitment in the creation of this poetry anthology to voice their experiences, views, hopes and suggestions for continued deliberation on this critical matter of human life everywhere. Simply because:

“The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” ~ The Dalai Lama



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…listening to Sezen Aksu…convinced that all goodbyes should be as gentle

Bir masaldı aslında

Ne yazık sonu yoktu

Bir şarap sofrasında hazin

Kibar bir vedayla son buldu

It was a fairy tale after all

Pity! It had no ending

It ceased to exist at a wine table

With a sorrowful gentle goodbye

~ Own translation from the Turkish original

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