Telepoem Booth in State College, PA ~ The First Year’s Collection ~ My Two Poems


What do you think of incoming correspondences that start with this lovely C-word?

Over the years, I have received my share of the other kind: “We are sorry to inform you […]“. I don’t know about you but I most prefer the option on top…

To my delight, an email came into sight this past Wednesday with that C-word preceding its opening paragraph: “Five reviewers have sifted through 327 poems from 86 poets and would like to include the following poems that you submitted in the Telepoem Booth Collection.” The letter was from The Telepoem Booth Committee (I have tagged the name of each member). Assuming that I won’t miss the deadline to provide the committee with the recordings of my poems, they will be in the first year’s Telepoem Booth Collection. (Each contributing poet is offered professional readers but I am going to try it with my own voice first.) “The one in State College, location to be determined, will be the second in the nation (Telepoem Booth to Bring Poetry to Downtown State College)”.

My two poems below are the ones to be included in the State College Telepoem Booth Collection. They may seem familiar to you as I have posted them here before. Both have also appeared in The Year of the Poet, a monthly publication by Inner Child Press, Ltd. with the same titles: “Euterpe” and “inkpots” – which are, in my case, no formal titles but rather the initial verse):


i beg of you hear my plea
shield the natal passion
the first resolve to forget
the quest for the new breath
the now
the here

my desire
to define
the divine

rid me of yesteryear
free me from the self
watch my soul reject its cage
sate my shadow’s final plea
let it soar in its primal roar
see its essence prance in trance

help me shape the freshened day


© hülya n. yılmaz, March 20, 2015


used to uncover the fading word

a second or more to gather the instant

to reminisce to reflect to feel to sense

to touch to hold the new breath

exhaling life at its worst

inhaling poetry




to surpass it all again and again


© hülya n. yılmaz, March 20, 2015

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[My pre-January 2017 mid-week posts – “Eternalist Notions”, all of which had a set of three dots as their titles are still in my blog’s menu but under a new name: “Impulses”.]

With a new semester just having begun, I heard my own voice once again last week repeating sections of my course syllabi regarding the importance of regular and timely attendance and active and qualitative participation in a foreign language class. And, just like numerous times before (more frequently so in the last several years) my mental energy took off; namely, in the direction of this concept’s significance outside the classroom (back in my office – not in front of my students):

Could I even remember anymore what participating actively and qualitatively in occurrences outside my areas of responsibility meant? 

How often, to what extent and in what quality was I actually participating in life? In my own, that is.

(Perhaps, to be continued.) 

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After a month-long absence . . .

I am here again (and happy to see you haven’t left me).

Before 2017 became a reality, I had already made several changes of various nature. At home, in my work space, my mindset, and my blog site’s layout, appearance, and so on. As for my post today, the image below is not “it. Listen on, if you so choose: 


[Free Online Image]


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And then she said I am taking time off…

to attend to the needs of self while accommodating those of the family.

Hoping to be back at my writing desk in the new year, I wish you all, dear reader- and-writer-comrades the best for now and beyond. ~ hülya n. yılmaz



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Ve o sonra dedi ki: Bir süreliğine buradan ayrılıyorum…ailemin ihtiyaçları ile ilgilenirken kendi ihtiyaçlarıma da eğilebilmek üzere.

Yeni yılda yazı masama geri dönmüş olmayı ümit ediyorum. Bu ayrılığımın süreci içerisinde, sevgili okur- yazar yoldaşlarım, hepinize bugün ve ötesi için iyilikler dilerim. ~ hülya n. yılmaz

[Resimdeki tahta salıncağa kazılmış yazı: “Uçabileceğime inanıyorum.”]




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prenatally flawed
compassion-less mothers milk
nothing to unlearn

© hülya n. yılmaz, 12.1.2016

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Once upon a time, there was a five-same sized-car-wide parking space…

let us say the allowed space is five-same sized-car-wide

no-brainer right
each parallels the other and stays inside the lines

the first driver though takes up one-and-a half parking slot
the second stretches over the next one-and-a half
now feeling also fully entitled
the third cuts corners for the fourth
angry at the time’s poor timing
the fourth settles for the last stall

but wait
didn’t we just say
the allowed space is
five-same sized-car-wide

no-brainer you said

is it

© hülya n. yılmaz, 11.29.2016




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“Ben seni ölene dek seveceğim” boş laf.
Ben seni sevdikçe ölmeyeceğim. ~ Can Yücel

“I’ll love you until I die”.
Empty talk!
I won’t die while I am loving you.

~ Own translation from the Turkish original



[Kalkan, Turkey – Free Online Image]


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