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For 8.21.2016

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August 24, 2016 · 7:00 am

In my facelifted writing corner

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missing you
not because of a need
or for a want

the yearning is different from before
neither acute nor painful only aware
that the mirage of you has its pillar no more 

these days
fairy tales
fail to impress me

i go on missing you
the version i was convinced i knew

in blunt terms

time hasn’t healed anything
though promised by many it would do so

how can it i now dare to ask
it lacks the essence of life after all
your new versions transpire as proof 


who decided to soak heart-wrenching losses
in colors other than red anyway


© hülya n. yılmaz, 8.20.2016












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for 8.17.2016

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August 17, 2016 · 7:00 am

Mit meinem Dank an Lis/With my thanks to Lis/Lis’e teşekkürlerimle (Reblogged Post): “wünsche Euch einen guten Tag… — Gedichte, Zitate in Einklang mit Bilder……”

Hoffnung ist ein gutes Frühstück, aber ein schlechtes Abendbrot. *** von Francis Bacon

via wünsche Euch einen guten Tag… — Gedichte, Zitate in Einklang mit Bilder……

(The image is copyrighted by Lis.) The Francis Bacon quote in own (colloquial) English and Turkish translations:

Hope makes a good breakfast but it is lousy as dinner.
Umuttan iyi bir kahvaltı olur. Fakat akşam yemeği olarak beş para etmez.

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Absent – grieving the death of my father (8.5.2016)


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Breaking and Healing — The Chatter Blog (Reblogged, with thanks)

They say time stops for no one. But it does. When the heart is wounded. And When the heart begins to heal. Those moments Freeze.

via Breaking and Healing — The Chatter Blog

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. . . to love lethally

doluya koydum almadı boşa koydum dolmadı*
an enigmatic bait that has given
to ceaseless compulsion

overused misused abused
glorified nevertheless
embraced by tens of thousands
multiplying at warp speed

subjecting no one to discrimination

intoxicating billions
with the other eternal charge . . . 

what would their first utterance be
if the dead were to confess 

those babies deserved nothing but a tender caress


love came onto our path disguised as dedication to hate . . .


© hülya n. yılmaz, 7.30.2016 

*A colloquial Turkish phrase, equaling in English to: “I could find no solution for it.”

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